Invest in Kendyl Farm's Canadian Vertical Farming Food Systems.

A Canadian owned integrated vertical farm strategically located in the Okanagan of British Columbia with prime access to key western and  eastern Canadian distribution  hubs.

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Why Invest?

We are building tomorrow's food system by elevating what farmers have done great for hundreds of years.
Kendyl Farms is a different kind of farm.
  • Capable of producing a vast variety of products.
  • Grows 365 days a year.
  • Uses 95% less water than traditional farms.
  • Highly Controlled Environment allows for no “cides” of any kind.
  • Maximized space with minimum impact to the environment
  • Better than Organic (Real flavour)
  • Lower carbon footprint right
  • And we’re growing in CANADA down to our packaging

Grow Up With Us!

Food isn’t what it used to be. We are working on bringing back flavourful nutritious food grown and raised better, and we are doing it by building a different kind of farm. A farm that doesn’t need sun, soil or favorable weather to do its thing. A farm where pesticides have no place—because everything’s indoors, monitored and controlled, 24/7.

We are building a farm where our people can focus on growing the freshest, most nutritious food possible. A farm that can produce over 300 times more food using 97% less water than a traditional farm and is working towards using 100% renewable energy. Amazing? We are KENDYL FARMS and we are a Canadian proud company working towards our food security and assisting (the same) other countries globally.

Sustainably grown, lower carbon footprint, premium quality, local fresh produce and seafoods. KENDYL FARMS is working towards being a recognized Canadian leader in sustainable agriculture, growing year-round, pesticide-free, fresh nutrient rich products. We are developing world-leading controlled environment agriculture technologies to deliver only the absolute best quality produce and inland raised seafood.   

Let's Do This Together

Creating a farm that produces food without relying on traditional methods, using only vertical space is the future of agriculture. If you're interested in partnering with us to help make this happen for everyone, everywhere, we want your input!

We are looking for visionary partners who can take our cutting edge technology from experiment stage right into large scale commercialization.

Your partnership could be the next step toward making our technology a force for economic and environmental good in your community and all over the planet.

Join us and let's reach new heights.

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We are passionate about developing advanced systems for growing premium quality foods, 365 days a year. Our goal is to use less water and less land while maximizing the product yield of our farm by using safer practices that will protect both you and our environment from any negative impact.
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