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At Kendyl Farms, we are working hard to provide the safest, freshest, cleanest and most nutritious vegetables, herbs and small fruits fresh for you!
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It's Time to Grow Up With Vertical Farming

Food isn’t what it used to be. With diminishing farmland, inefficient use of resources, long shipping distances for world-wide product, and use of harmful chemicals, getting fresh food takes a toll on our environment and our health. We know we can do better.
At KENDYL FARMS, we are passionate about solving agriculture’s biggest challenges with advanced systems producing delicious, safe, and nutritionally flavor packed fresh foods – 365 days a year! – through use of less water, maximized growing space, and minimal negative impacts. We’re growing up here in Canada!
By Elevating what farmers have done great for hundreds of years and blending it with vertical Farming practices; KENDYL FARMS is raising the bar. Our specialized and state-of-the-art Integrated Vertical Farming Production (IVFP) system allows us the flexibility to grow a wide range of fresh foods.
Our advancements in machine learning, AI, and data analysis allow us to monitor our crop’s health and progress 24/7, along with our care, and precision we can deliver a fresher, more delicious product. These highly advanced technologies and a state-of-the-art controlled environment enable us to produce up to 300 times greater yield than a traditional farm we know exactly what our products are eating and breathing every day.
Our team has a thirst for sustainable growing and the relentless pursuit of innovation, committed every day to building a better, healthier, and a more responsible food system. We are building a farm where our people can focus on growing the freshest, most nutritious food possible and our system gives us the flexibility to do so.
Fresh & Nutritious
Our highly controlled environment allows us to monitor crop health and progress 24/7 so we can deliver a fresher, more delicious product, harvested at the peak nutrition and flavor.
Low Environmental Impact
Our farm uses 95% less water than conventional farming. It can take approx. 17 litres of water to grow one lettuce whereas we are able to do the same with 0.5 of litre. Our recycling system creates no run-off to cause polluting our waterways. No yucky stuff.
Non-GMO Certified & Ethically Sourced
From the products we grow and raise to the sources of our seeds and feeds we pride ourselves in our commitment to the purity and quality of our products.
Recycle, Reuse, & Recirculate
From the roots of our greens to plant & other waste we create Bio Fertilizers, compost teas, and feeds some of which we reuse in our own systems. Even 98.5% of the water we use grows directly into growing our products. We even have plans to start programs to one up present efforts.
Friendly Carbon Footprint
We are always looking at ways to become carbon neutral and one day carbon negative. We are doing this by working backwards to how we grow, the packaging we use and how it is made (plant based/ compostable); all the way to how our products get to market.
Better Supply Chain
Food travels an average or 2000 miles to get to our tables. We are working our food distribution partners to help us deliver our products quickly after being harvested to ensure they are fresh tasting, nutritionally dense and long-lasting. Working towards 24-48 turn arounds on our products
Grown Year Round
Our controlled environment agricultural systems (CEA) allow us to grow 365 days a year. We are not effected by the climate conditions making it possible to have up to 17X more harvests than land based farming in a year.
No Rinse Required
Our produce is 100% pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, and residue free. There is no place in our operation for anything 'cide', except that we grow in'side' 😊
(For your own piece of mind we won’t be offended if you chose to wash our produce!)
Ethically Transparent
We are always striving to do better and be transparent in how we’re doing environmentally, measuring up on quality while lowering carbon footprint. If we hear of something that could better our community commitment and help better your life we’ll let you know.

Vertical Farming is a new, innovative method for growing crops.

What is Vertical Farming?

Vertical farming often falls in line with ‘indoor farming’, ‘urban agriculture’ and ‘controlled-environment agriculture’ (which also encompasses greenhouse cultivation), but the concept remains unique. With vertical farming, the growing takes place where factors such as temperature, nutrients, lighting, irrigation, and air circulation are constantly monitored and adjusted.  These innovative farms use Traditional Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Aeroponics.

Vertical Farming is not a new concept.  First invented in 1915 by American geologist Gilbert Ellis Bailey, the initial was understood as a sort of rooftop farming. The definition evolved as vertical farming moved indoors, and while definitions vary, most agree, vertical farming refers to the growing in stacked rows in a controlled environment.

Vertical Farming uses 96% less space than conventional farming methods.
It can provide ideal situations for growing plants in all climates, locations, & seasons making them capable of growing 365 days a year.
The highly controlled environments allow crops to be grown without the use of highly harmful pesticides and fertilizers.
Indoor Farming can produce very high crop yields. Compared to traditionally grown tomatoes, vertical farms can yield 6X the tomatoes per square meter and 12x the leafy greens.

The world is looking at Vertical Farms to solve or aid in the world food crisis and climate change.

KENDYL FARMS is working to do our part in solving agriculture's biggest challenges; growing real food, better flavour, and a brighter future for all;

A Canadian operated farm who’s mission is to provide fresh, healthy and local produce.

At Kendyl Farms we believe vertical farming holds the key to part of the solution to the world’s food crisis. With climate change, reduction in fertile farmland and clean water access for all; vertical farms offer an answer that will secure our future.


Less space than traditional farming methods.

365 Days

Grown and harvested year round.


Less water used than conventional farms.


Pesticide, herbicide & fungicide free.

Our Produce is Launching Soon.

We are working hard to grow you the freshest, most vibrant, cleanest, nutritious local food, but it takes time. We invite you to leave your name and email so we can let you know when our produce is available.
Locally grown in Canada for Canada first; harvested on demand at peak freshness.
Let Me Know When They Are Available
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We are passionate about developing advanced systems for growing premium quality foods, 365 days a year. Our goal is to use less water and less land while maximizing the product yield of our farm by using safer practices that will protect both you and our environment from any negative impact.
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